Located on the 1st floor, 26 Wellington Street, Central, Senses Optik enjoys a name in English that combines a sense of the avante garde with classical elegance. The name in Chinese is equally meaningful. 

"Ming" 名 means that everyone has a name,
"Tong" 瞳 emphasizes the importance of the eyes as vision takes precedence among the five senses,
"Gam" 感 refers to feelings or perception.

Taken together the three words mean "The senses through different eyes", thus stressing the point that Senses Optik takes pains to cater for the different needs and feelings of each customer, as is be evident from the decorations and displays inside the shop.

Breakthrough from the Pattern of Traditional Optical Shops

Senses Optik has taken a huge step forward with its displays, which differ from those of traditional optical shops.  It classifies and exhibits its glasses in European style wooden drawers to encourage the customers to choose and try them on freely.  There are many styles and models available, from European classical designs to uncommon high-tech super-light frames, with prices ranging from the hundreds to up to the ten thousands to meet different needs and budgets.  There are also many special antique style decorations inside the shop that add classical colour to the glamour of current fashions.

Senses optik offers customers a number of advantages, including open displays and a modern, relaxed business style.  Customers can choose the products free from pressure and disturbance, while friendly and patient opticians are always available to provide professional optical consultancy services as well as thorough and accurate eye examinations.

All customers are treated as friends, marking a great advance from the boring situation that prevails at ordinary optical shops.